Building a portfolio of stories takes time and requires you to tap into your log of accomplishments. Identifying, remembering and articulating good stories showing skills that support a specific interview goal is hard.

StarStorytelling breaks through this barrier by giving you instant access to a library of accomplishment stories that illustrate specific skills in action across industries. You can tap on industry peers’ insights, quickly find analogies, draw inferences and build upon these to frame your own stories.

Learning by example is fast, easy, and effective and it has a long tradition in psychology science, philosophy and AI technology.

Our founder began learning about storytelling while marketing software products. He realised that there is no effective story without technical insights and you need to learn from the insiders first before crafting any story.

On the same wake, we wanted interviewees to have the opportunity to learn from stories coming straight from the field and level the playing field between "best person" and "best interviewee."

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