Whether you are looking to make some extra cash and monetise your own stories, wish to reinforce your accomplishments in your mind to boost your self-confidencebecome known to your readers as a non-fiction career writer or just want to help interviewees improving their career, StarStorytelling provides you with the tools to frame your career achievements and share them with your peers.

Your accomplishment stories might already be between lines of your CV/resume and need some elaboration. If you have experience at working in a matrix organization, you may already have a sense of your accomplishment stories from the monthly/weekly status report or from your annual performance review. Alternatively, you can think of the positive things your supervisors, colleagues or clients might have said about you.

As the job market toughens and companies are increasingly relying on behavioral, competency-based interviews (which require to come up with stories when answering job interview questions), more and more interviewees are turning to written resources for career self-improvement and job interview preparation.

With StarStorytelling people learn from industry peers. Learning by example is fast, easy, and effective.

Your stories can complement generalist examples from career books or other learning methods. 

In exchange for a 50% commission on every sale of your story, we are committed to driving visitors to your StarStorytelling's personal page.

"eBook royalties through traditional publishers are 25%."

StarStorytelling offers you a generous 50%

You can customize your profile page either as a "ghost" (i.e., by writing anonymously) or as a "writing star" (i.e., be in the spotlight and interact with your readers).

The platform provides you with a well thought-out free template, customisable author page, social media sharing, and sales reporting functionalities.

"In addition to more than 13 million already published books, the number of books published each year in the U.S. is over 1 million. The marketplace is not able to absorb all these books."

In saturated markets, differentiation is key. StarStorytelling helps you stand out in a niche and growing market segment.

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