What is STAR Technique?

STAR—Situation, Task/Problem, Action, Results is a four-cell narrative framework to build successful job interview answers in the form of stories.

Whether your interview is competency-based, behavioral or less structured, stories are the way to go to persuade you've got the right skills for the job.

That's what career coaches and other recruiters from the most important companies in the world recommend to increase chances of hiring recommendation.

Building a portfolio of stories takes time and those you have collected may not be enough to cover the skills wanted by the job (description) you are interviewing for. 

When your career journal can't help you remind of matching log of accomplishments, StarStorytelling helps you identify and articulate the right stories you may have already experienced in your career.

With an instant access to a library of stories, you can spot parallels with your experience, find analogies, draw inferences, and modify each story to anchor it in your relatable context.

Get inspired and learn fast from industry insiders to easily build your own stories.

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