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Whether you are a career professional looking for educational contents for your students, a recruitment agency striving to lower the risk of sending not-so-story-ready candidates to clients, or an online platform looking to expand your offering or open a new revenue stream, StarStorytelling provides you and your audiences with instant access to storied job interview answers authored by industry insiders.

The career self-improvement market is big and growing. About 30% of graduates change job every year, 20% of them use written learning resources, and 70% of them open the wallet.

On the other side, about 60% of companies are using behavioral, competency-based interviews which require interviewees to come up with stories when answering job interview questions.

Building and telling stories is hard. As they aim to persuade, those for the job interview are even more challenging.

With StarStorytelling, people learn from industry peers. Learning by example is fast, easy, and effective. StarStorytelling's stories can complement generalist career books or slow-to-digest learning methods.

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